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Creating Good Harbors: Where Human Potential & Resilience are Built

In my travels I have had the opportunity to meet lots of interesting individuals who are doing good work. But, every so often you run into someone who is struggling with making the same impact as you on the system and then an opportunity emerges. That is exactly what happened when I met Cathy Fialon.

Frustrated with the unintended consequences of care that was trauma informed in the justice system, Dr. Fialon researched how organizations could implement trauma care for sustained change. Along the way, we ran into each other, and after months of figuring out what we could do to offer impactful, sustainable trauma care with organizations, we decided to open the Good Harbor Institute.

Good Harbor Institute ‘s mission is to orchestrate sustainable, implemented trauma care within organizations. At Good Harbor Institute Dr. Cathy Fialon and Shenandoah Chefalo work with leaders and educators in business, K-12, high education, human service organizations, and government organizations to maximize human potential and enhance service. Offering consultation, workshops, and Trauma Care Implemented (TCI) Certification, they work to support organizations to ultimately break the cycle of traumatic adversity moving everyone in the organization toward a more resilient, effective, compassionate way of work.

Many organizations understand their need to become “trauma aware” and may have taken steps to move in that direction. At Good Harbor Institute our mission is to work with an organization to build sustainable, implemented trauma care throughout all levels of the organization. Many trainings and programs offer excellent trauma care information, however; without incorporating all three environments of the organization into a program, sustainability is not achieved. The three environments in every organization are Self (individual employees), Team, and Client/Student/Customer served.

At Good Harbor Institute we create a relationship with an organization to ensure lasting, impactful change. Over the course of year one we provide an organization with assessment, training, and utilize implementation strategies to ensure sustainable, implemented change and TCI (Trauma Care Implemented) certification. Subsequent years we provide fidelity support and TCI recertification.

If you or your organization is interested in learning more about the programing options for Good Harbor Institute, please feel free to email for more information.

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