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Train the Trainer Events

Create Sustainable Change by Leading Implementation Yourself

What to Expect

Asset 46

A diverse internal Core Team of trauma-informed leaders, coaches and facilitators

Asset 5

An engaging two day event on site led by expert facilitators for groups of 100 or less

Asset 6

Increased capacity to support sustainable, lasting systems change in your agency

Trainers Will: 

  • Hold community, all-staff, and round-table meetings

  • Embody trauma-informed values (knowing versus living)

  • Clarify trauma-informed values, practices, and norms

  • Learn the trauma-informed coaching model

  • Recognize and respond to trauma responses in employees

  • Apply trauma-informed perspectives to current issues

  • Practice trauma-informed tools and skills

  • Lead and model the work internally, eliminating the need for external facilitators

Chefalo Consulting’s Group Norms


Class is a safe, judgment-free space where we assume the best in one another. Confidentiality allows us to be honest and vulnerable.

Commit to

Our conversations won't always have fairy-tale endings or neatly packaged answers. This work can be messy.
Our lived experiences, emotions, and beliefs are real, valid, and meant to be shared with others.

Seek Intentional Learning

We embrace mistakes since they are the hallmark of learning. Our goal during class is intentional growth and learning, never perfection.

In this class, we have hard conversations. We also learn how to ask for help and receive support from one another.

Embrace Paradox

Two things can be true at the same time. We resist black-and-white thinking that halts growth.
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Selecting a Core Team

Participants who complete the Train the Trainer Program will comprise an organization’s Core Team. Individuals on a Core Team lead implementation efforts and serve as continued training support. They are powerful catalysts to trauma-informed change.


Educate trauma-informed teams​​

  • ​Train peers and new hires

  • Engage is social learning

  • Lead by example

Asset 6

Demonstrate trauma-informed practices

  • Solve problems with a trauma-informed lens

  • Lead implementation efforts

  • Apply technical changes

Asset 46

Embody trauma informed values

  • Create safety at work

  • Prioritize employee wellness

  • Develop a trauma-informed culture


Powerful & Diverse

We recommend that participants for the Train the Trainer Program & Core Team are thoughtfully selected. A Core Team accomplishes trauma-informed goals most effectively when it is diverse, meaning it represents individuals with various titles, responsibilities, experiences, identities, skills, and abilities.


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