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Keynote Speaker: Shenandoah Chefalo

Inspire Change Through Unique Insights

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Custom content tailored specifically to your audience

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Engaging and empowering presentations that inspire and motivate

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Lived experience in the foster care & juvenile justice systems

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Trauma-informed specialist with 20+ years of experience

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Fresh perspectives &

practical advice

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Empower individuals and promote healing

Expert Facilitation Skills and Lived Experience

Shenandoah Chefalo is an expert storyteller, teacher, and coach. She captivates and engages her audiences, who find themselves laughing, crying, reflecting, and envisioning a brighter future all within the same hour.

Shen's lived experiences of childhood abuse and neglect, including her time in the broken foster care and juvenile justice systems, give her a perspective that most speakers lack. Her insight into the systems we play a part in is invaluable, and her many years of experience sharing these insights have made her an exquisite speaker.

Shen is available for webinars, keynotes, and other online and in-person speaking events, including workshops, podcasts, and media interviews.

Keynote Speaking
Event Topics

Employee Wellness & Professional Development
The Neuroscience of Trauma
(NEAR Science)
Systemic Violence & Historical Trauma

Breaking the Trauma Triangle Through Empowerment

Creating Safety
at Work
Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)
Resilience, Self-Awareness & Mindfulness
Foster Care: Experiences & Solutions
TIC Values & SAMHSA’s 6 Guiding Principles
The Social & Structural Determinants of Health
Trauma-Informed Systems & Organizational Change
Chronic Stress

“Her lived experience was deeply touching and had clear implications for how we could better serve families.”

Phyllis N., Alameda County

Child Support Services

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