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Create Positive Change & Impact

Learn New Strategies | Create New Processes | Develop Habits that Stick

Proven Strategies to Improve Workplace Performance

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Be able to handle stress more effectively

Be more in tune with your client/customer and responsive to their needs

Be able to bounce back quickly after an issue

Be able to work together more effectively

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Be able to efficiently implement strategies and systems long-term

Be able to adeptly handle your client/customer issues

Be more productive, efficient, and successful

Heal the Individuals, Heal the Team,
Heal the

A quick look into our two-pronged approach

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Coaching the Whole

Here we focus on the organization itself, by helping implement new practices and policies that will improve productivity, satisfaction, and results.

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Coaching the Individual

Here we focus on individual issues by helping them heal past trauma, as well as teaching them strategies to deal with others and their traumas.

Custom Tailored Plans for Your Organization

Every organization is different based upon the type of organization it is, the size, and your unique challenges. That’s why we at Chefalo Consulting provide tailor-made solutions to fit your business or organization's specific needs.

We’ll talk with you about your concerns and discuss what our recommendations are for you moving forward.

Expert Help is One Phone Call Away

Even the best parents, leaders, and team members can fall into a slump. No matter how many articles or books you read, nothing seems to change. We often can find clarity on what our problems might be, but not how to make them better.

All of this can be compounded when you’re working with individuals with trauma, whether they are your children, students, patients, or team members, we’ve all been through tough times in our lives and that means each individual reacts to things in their own way.

The good news is, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel! 

You’ve got options.

It only takes a moment to fill out our contact form, and we’ll begin building the framework for your custom plan for better workplace performance and improved employee satisfaction. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does ‘trauma-informed’ mean?


This means our framework addresses the origins of a challenge so we can build resilience and achieve higher quality outcomes.

Will this work for our middle school employees?


Yes! Working with children can be challenging, but our strategies are perfect for teachers to work with their children with more ease and effectiveness.

How long does training take?


Every organization's needs are different. Once you Submit A Form we’ll discuss the strategies we think are best to create the most ideal outcome for you and your team.

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