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Our mission is to empower individuals and organizations to transform trauma into resilience through trauma-informed change. 

Healing from trauma is a lifelong process that requires compassion, courage, and collaboration, and trauma healing happens on both individual and organizational levels.


Our goal is to provide our clients with the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to create trauma-informed cultures that foster healing, growth, and well-being, and we partner with our clients to co-create sustainable solutions that meet their unique needs and goals.



About Us

Chefalo Consulting is a trauma-informed agency that provides expert training, coaching, and consultation services to organizations and individuals.

Our lived experiences inform our training models, and we practice what we teach.

We are committed to staying at the forefront of the latest research and best practices in trauma-informed care, which inform our evidence-based programs.

Our Core Values

At Chefalo Consulting, we accomplish our mission by embodying and ritualizing our core values, which allow us to move through the trauma-informed implementation process with awareness and care.

Smiling Model


We take your authenticity and ours seriously. We believe a person’s unique and genuine personality, values, and spirit matter. Authenticity should be celebrated regardless of whether it supports or resists any external pressure to identify a certain way.


We are honest with ourselves and others, and we recognize that authenticity includes being responsible and accountable in the face of mistakes.


Our values, ideals, and actions align. When we notice that our beliefs and behaviors do not align, we are quick to self-reflect and self-correct. This is how we build trust.


To us, compassion means suspending judgment in order to appreciate perspectives and situations that may be different from our own.


To be compassionate, you must be genuinely concerned with other people and their needs. Compassion is learned, and making compassionate practices habitual is one of our priorities.

Holding Hands
Reading Together


Curiosity allows us to fill knowledge gaps without jumping to conclusions. It drives us to learn something new. It also keeps our minds open and flexible.


Curiosity is core to personal development, as it facilitates a deeper understanding of ourselves, others, and the world around us.


We firmly believe that asking and reflecting on the right questions has the power to heal and restore.

DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging)

Inclusion is how we unleash the power of diversity. Mindfully and intentionally creating space for everyone’s voice is just as important as creating a diverse team.


We strive to foster belonging and empowerment at work and with clients.


We listen actively, engage compassionately, and ask questions to foster a sense of understanding and belonging.

Group Hug
Come Together



Hold Feelings


Communities Served

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Organizations Aided

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Our Team.

Meet the team that makes this work possible!

Shenandoah Chefalo

Shenandoah Chefalo is a sought-after speaker, award-winning author, and expert trauma-informed specialist with over 20 years of leadership consulting experience with governmental, public, and private organizations across various sectors, including health care, human services, education, and nonprofits.

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As the Founder and Lead Strategist of Chefalo Consulting, Shenandoah provides organizational change management and workforce development services.


Her 2016 memoir, “Garbage Bag Suitcase,” details her young life in the foster care system, and her best-selling e-books teach trauma-informed leaders how to navigate organizational change management, leadership development, the journey to mental wellness, and much more.


Shenandoah Chefalo is also a graduate of Michigan State University (holding a Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Science), a Core Essentials Graduate from Coach U, a Certified Law of Attraction Advanced Practitioner, a member of the National Speakers Association, and a volunteer who works with several organizations locally, nationally, and internationally.

Two Way Communication

Let’s Start Working Together!

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