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Trauma-Informed Antelope Valley
TIAV 2024

presented by Best Start Antelope Valley

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Trauma-Informed Antelope Valley is a systems change project led by Best Start Antelope Valley in partnership with First5LA, the Children's Bureau, and Chefalo Consulting.

The mission of the Trauma-Informed Antelope Valley project is to create positive, sustained change that improves outcomes for children and families in the AV by increasing system accountability, improving cross-sector collaboration, investing in mental health, providing more accessible resources, and empowering community advocates.

Accessible Trauma-Informed Training

The TIAV Training Program will provide accessible trauma-informed change training to community-facing organizations throughout the Antelope Valley.


This project will support leaders in the AV as they collaboratively build a Trauma Informed Antelope Valley through shared knowledge, common language and practices, and systems change. Participants will learn key concepts and build the skills needed to support our flourishing community. 

Participants will attend at least one 3-day Trauma-Informed Foundational Training Event.

The TIAV Core Team

Participants who successfully complete the Foundational Training Program will have the opportunity to be invited to participate in the TIAV Core Team, which will be built in 2024. There are currently no TIAV Core Team members.


The TIAV Core Team is an integral part of the program. Individual members of the Core Team will represent voices across the AV–from high-level leaders at public service organizations and community leaders to residents and parents–and they will serve as catalysts for change across the entire Antelope Valley.


Although Best Start is leading this project, AV residents will lead the change happening in our communities by bringing their lived experiences, knowledge of the AV, and active participation in the TIAV Core Team.

Invitations to the TIAV Core Team depend upon individual participation levels, engagement with the content, and progress toward target goals. Invitations will be sent between March and September.

"Nothing about me, without me."

The TIAV Core Team allows residents to be a part of the change efforts that will impact them.

Ongoing Change

The TIAV Training Program will set leaders up for success to continue ongoing change in the AV by applying the knowledge, skills, and practices that they learn through the program within their own organizations. Qualifying grant recipients will receive individual support from Chefalo Consulting following the September events to support sustainability and capacity-building efforts. When the program ends, change will continue.

The 2024 TIAV Training Program Grant

Available to organizations and individuals in the Antelope Valley

Between January and September 2024, Best Start Antelope Valley will award scholarships (a $2,890 value each) to organizations committed to building a Stronger Together Antelope Valley.

Organizations may apply for up to 100 scholarships to attend training. Individuals are welcome to apply on behalf of their organizations or themselves, and we strongly encourage leaders with community-facing roles to apply, as they will be able to create the biggest impact on systems change in the Antelope Valley.

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Eligibility Criteria

Eligible applicants will apply on behalf of an organization or agency based in the Antelope Valley.


Decisions regarding grant awards will be made at the sole discretion of Best Start Antelope Valley. Best Start reserves the right to consider other relevant factors not explicitly stated in the criteria.


All grant recipients will receive the following services:

  • Seats in Chefalo Consulting’s 3-day Trauma-Informed Foundational Training (there are three cohorts available to choose from)

  • Chefalo Consulting’s Foundational Training Workbooks

  • Virtual one-on-one consulting hours with Chefalo Consulting to bring knowledge back to your organizations and create meaningful culture shifts in your communities (consulting hours can also be used for booster and refresher sessions)

A select number of grant recipients will receive these additional add-on services:

  • Seat(s) in Chefalo Consulting’s 2-day Train the Trainer Program

  • Chefalo Consulting’s Train the Trainer Workbook(s)

  • The opportunity to participate in the Antelope Valley’s Core Team, which grants your organization a seat at the table in leading trauma-informed systems change in the Antelope Valley

Recipients will be notified no later than September 11th, 2024, regarding their eligibility for these additional services. There will be no separate or additional application.

The number of seats and consulting hours awarded will vary according to the total number of accepted applicants.

Application Process

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. Application close dates are as follows:

  • March Cohort: Applications close Wednesday, February 21, 2024

  • May Cohort: Applications close Wednesday, April 17, 2024

  • September Cohort & TTT Program: Applications close Wednesday, August 14, 2024

Applications must include the following. If an application is incomplete, in whole or in part, it will be rejected automatically.

1. An online form

  • Organization name, address, and website

  • Contact name, email address, and phone number

  • Number of seats requested for each cohort/event

2. A short application video

  • Describe how your organization would benefit from this program in less than five minutes​

  • Additional video tips are listed in the FAQ section at the bottom of this page


Gentle Reminder: You must send your application video to before submitting the application form

Event Dates

We recommend holding all training dates for your staff or yourself now.

Kickoff Event | Open to All!

January 31, 2024 | 12 to 2 pm

View the event flyer

3-Day Event

March Cohort: Trauma-Informed Foundational Training

March 12-14, 2024 | 9 am to 5 pm

Applications close Wednesday, February 21, 2024

3-Day Event

May Cohort: Trauma-Informed Foundational Training

3-Day Event

May 13-15, 2024 | 9 am - 5 pm

Applications close Wednesday, April 17, 2024

3-Day Event

September Cohort: Trauma-Informed Foundational Training

3-Day Event

September 9-11, 2024 | 9 am - 5 pm

Applications close Wednesday, August 14, 2024

2-Day Event

Train the Trainer Program for TIAV Core Team Members

2-Day Event 

September 12-13, 2024 | 9 am - 5 pm

We will do our best to accommodate requests for specific training dates; however, we cannot guarantee that your preferred event will be granted if accepted into the program.


Spaces are limited, and applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. For example, if the March cohort is full, applications for the March cohort may be approved for the May cohort instead.


The rolling basis acceptance also means that you may complete the same application multiple times. If you decide you want to bring more staff to the training after attending the March cohort, you may reapply for the additional seats using the same application.

All seats requested must be filled, so we recommend you only apply for seats you feel confident you can fill.

Spanish translation services will be provided for the May and September cohorts.


By applying for this grant and participating in this program, all recipients and participants agree to the following terms and conditions of this contract:

  • Each recipient must fill all of the seats they applied for.  Each seat awarded to a recipient organization must be filled by a participant or risk the consequences of non-compliance.

  • All participants must attend all assigned days of their training program. Participants are expected to fully attend all hours of the training program and participate in class discussions and assignments. Participants should clear their schedules of all meetings and tasks and expect to be fully present during training hours.

  • Recipients must confirm participant information at least 7 business days prior to the training event their participants will attend. Missing, incomplete, or late registrations will result in non-compliance.

  • After the training, each participant must provide a minimum of two (2)  check-in videos. The recommended length of the videos is 30- to 60-seconds.

  • Each participant must complete all TIAV-related surveys for Best Start Antelope Valley as requested. The check-in survey will be completed by each program participant multiple times over the course of the program, and an exit survey will be conducted upon program completion. The data collected from these surveys will help us measure change and provide the best possible services to our community.


Recipient: An organization, organization representative, or individual who applies for the grant.

Participant: An individual who attends training.

Failure to complete these tasks may result in a breach of contract, and recipients may be liable for paying back the grant in the amount of $2,890/per non-compliant seat. Non-compliance may also result in ineligibility to participate in the TIAV Core Team and future TIAV training programs.


I want to apply for myself. Can I?

Yes. You can apply for yourself (one seat only) on behalf of your organization.


How many seats can I apply for?

You can apply for up to 100 seats. The number of seats you apply for does not guarantee the number of seats that will be awarded to you. However, you must fill every seat you apply for or risk non-compliance.


Can I attend the training program without applying for the grant?

If you would like to purchase a seat rather than apply for the grant, please send an email to that includes "TIAV" in the subject line.


I’ve already been to this training. Can I attend again?

Yes. Participants are allowed and encouraged to retake the training program.


I want to train my whole organization, but I don’t know how many people would be willing to attend. What should I do?

We recommend getting buy-in from staff for the first cohort in March and applying for this group only. After this initial group of staff completes training, they can help you increase buy-in for this program among staff and leadership. Then, you may re-apply for the May and September cohorts.

How can I make a strong application video?

A great application video will be compelling, honest, and authentic, in addition to meeting the requirements:

  • Less than 5 minutes long

  • Includes one or more people speaking directly to the camera

  • Describe how your organization will benefit from this program and why you want to be a part of it

High-quality videos with good lighting are also appreciated! These videos may also be used to assess and document the changes being made in the AV.

You can also discuss:

  • why trauma-informed work is important to you

  • what you hope to accomplish with trauma-informed change

  • what you’re currently struggling with

Will how I answer the survey impact my application?

No. The survey results help Best Start measure its progress toward its target goals. Your survey answers are private and will not be shared or considered in the application process.

Can I earn CE's?

For information about continuing education credits, please reach out to

Be The Change

Systems change work requires commitments from people like you who are dedicated to making the Antelope Valley a better place to live for all of its residents. Be the change you want to see by empowering yourself and your teams with the knowledge, skills, and resources you need to make a lasting difference.

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