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If you or your organization, system, or community have been thinking about how you can move beyond training with a trauma-informed framework, our Complete Guide to Trauma-Informed Implementation is a must-have resource.


In this guide, you will learn about introductory key concepts of trauma-informed implementation, essential trauma-informed frameworks, and aspects of our signature model that ensure long-lasting success and sustainability. Get your free downloadable copy today to explore this 50+ page resource.


Here's what you can expect to see inside:

  • An Introduction to Trauma
  • Why We Need to Focus on Trauma Now
  • Trauma-Informed Norms & Values (Including SAMHSA's 6 Guiding Principles, The Sanctuary 7 Commitments, and Chefalo Consulting's Core Values)
  • NEAR Science (Neurobiology, Epigenetics, ACEs, and Resilience)
  • The SELF Framework (Safety, Emotions, Loss, and Future)
  • The NCTSN Organizational Approach
  • Cultural and Paradigmatic Shifts
  • Equity, Diversity, and Structural Violence
  • Connection, Mindfulness, and Community Building
  • The Six Key Steps of Trauma-Informed Implementation
  • 3-Year Implementation Overview
  • The Trauma-Informed Cycle of Change (Engage, Embed, Embody, Evaluate)
  • Creating Trauma-Informed Systems Infographic
  • SAMHSA's Four R's of TIC
  • The Four Phases of Implementation
  • The Building Blocks of TI Culture
  • TIC, Social Justice, and Implicit Bias
  • Implicit Bias Fast Facts
  • And Much More!

The Complete Guide to Trauma-Informed Implementation

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