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Discover a transformative journey toward holistic healing with our comprehensive Trauma-Informed Self Care Planning Kit, brought to you by Chefalo Consulting. Crafted with care and designed to empower individuals on their healing journey, this kit offers invaluable resources to nurture your well-being.


🌱 Unlock the Power of Self-Care: Our free self-care workbook is meticulously curated to guide you through trauma-informed self-care practices, fostering a deeper connection with yourself and your healing process.


🌼 Healing Through Awareness: Navigate your healing journey with expert guidance and insights that are rooted in trauma-informed principles, ensuring a safe and supportive resource for your growth.


🧘‍♀️ Tailored for You: Every individual's healing path is unique. Our kit provides customizable tools and strategies, empowering you to create a self-care plan that resonates with your needs and goals. We provide examples, but you are empowered to develop your own plan.


📚 Holistic Resources at Your Fingertips: This self-care planning kit is just one of many resources we offer to our community. Take advantage of all of them!


🌟 Empowerment for All: Chefalo Consulting believes in making healing accessible to everyone. That's why our Trauma-Informed Self Care Planning Kit is absolutely FREE, ensuring that everyone can continue their journey towards empowerment and well-being.


Embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and growth with Chefalo Consulting's Trauma-Informed Self Care Planning Kit. Unveil the power of trauma-informed practices combined with self-care strategies, and take the first step towards holistic well-being. Download your FREE kit today and care for yourself the way you deserve to be cared for.

Self Care Planning Kit

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