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Using a collaborative and holistic approaches to build trauma-informed frameworks that build lasting results.

Empowering People & Organizations to Thrive

Bring Out the Best in Yourself & Your Teams

It’s all-too-common for people in the world today to be overworked, overwhelmed, and burnt out. This can be especially frustrating if you are leading a team of people who feel this way and you are not sure how you’re going to turn that ship around!

In addition to all the inherent demands of your workplace, you may also work with or help children and adults that have suffered trauma which often adds to your already challenging jobs.

When you’re not at your best it’s hard to truly serve others. We understand, which is why coaching our clients to resolve their personal trauma, be resilient when issues arise, and be sensitive to the trauma and needs of others is paramount to the success of our coaching.

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Hi, I’m Shenandoah,

I’m the President and Owner at Chefalo Consulting. As a former foster kid, I understand the struggle and the effect that trauma can have not only on an individual but an organization. This is why I began applying a whole-person, or holistic, approach to problem-solving in the workplace. 

I intimately understand the importance of personal happiness and resilience, both of which allowed me to rise from difficult circumstances into a successful contributor to my community and organizations internationally.

If you’re experiencing issues within your team or organization, there are proven methods to resolve them and get you back on track towards success. Let’s talk about your unique needs and create a custom-tailored plan to improve performance and satisfaction in your organization that moves beyond trauma-informed and into a whole person and whole system transformation.

Addressing the Root of the Problem

Using a trauma-informed approach to resolve core issues

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Whether you’re struggling with project management, implementation of systems, or team / personal dysfunction, most people have some form of trauma. We often are unknowingly affected by this personal history, and it can impair our ability to function effectively in our personal and professional lives.

Problems that are mainly at home can affect your work-life, and vice versa, which is why Chefalo Consulting believes that every individual needs the tools to find happiness. When a person is in more control of their own happiness, they become more effective members of their teams, family, and peer groups.

By ensuring that everyone has the tools to thrive personally and professionally, people can perform at their best and effectively serve their organizations and communities.

Turn Training into Action

Organizations often invest a great deal of time, money, and energy into their teams learning new skills, information, and necessary processes. However, that ‘learning’ phase is often where many stop.
Either that or if a new process gets implemented right away, they quickly fade and teams fall back into old habits.


First, let me say it’s not your fault. Many forms of learning and training are literally meant to fill your brain up, but not necessarily tell you what to do with that new knowledge or how to keep things going long-term.

We’ll head-off the inevitable post-training-slump by teaching your teams tactics that will help them ensure new processes get properly implemented and stick around for the long-run. 

Words from our clients

Ms. Chefalo is a dynamic individual whose lived experience in the foster care system gives her a unique lens too not only share her story but helps us better understand the impact of adverse childhood events and the subsequent trauma too many children experience; and how we must work, collectively, to name such trauma and identify the correct approaches to address it. She brings a passion and commitment to this issue with a goal to transform lives.

Barbara Petee, President
Root Cause Coalition

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