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The Perils of Our Broken Foster Care System

Updated: Nov 14

Most people are familiar with the horror stories associated with our foster care system. Our guest for this program, Ms. Shenandoah Chefalo, is a product of the foster care system that managed to overcome the failures of the system. She overcame the odds and became part of the 3% of all foster care children who get into college, and the 1% who graduate. She is also a successful mother, businesswoman, and author. During this program Ms. Chefalo shares with our audience her grass-roots solutions on how to revamp the foster care system, a system which now contributres to a variety of social issues, including incarceration, homelessness, addiction, and poverty. We will also discuss the over 4,600 children missing from the system and their plight. Please join us for this important discussion on the broken foster care system and how to fix it.

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