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Chefalo Consulting, Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections Partnership Press Release

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

We are proud to announce another successful project. Our work with ODRC has already begun to transform lives for Ohio state employees and those in their care.


Chefalo Consulting and ODRC Leadership Collaborate to Establish Trauma-Informed Culture within Ohio's Department of Rehabilitation and Correction

[Columbus, Ohio, May 15, 2023] – Chefalo Consulting, a leading provider of trauma-informed change solutions, and the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction (ODRC), Ohio’s prison system dedicated to reducing recidivism and crime in Ohio, have successfully launched trauma-informed training for agency staff across the state.

After recognizing the residual effects of trauma on staff and incarcerated individuals, ODRC sought to establish a comprehensive and trauma-aware culture within its organization. Chefalo Consulting, renowned for its expertise in trauma-informed care, partnered with ODRC to design and implement a program to train a core group of employees to identify trauma-related behaviors and respond effectively.

The workforce development programs delivered by Chefalo Consulting proved to be a resounding success. The training profoundly impacted participants, with many expressing that it was the best they had ever received while working at ODRC. The program facilitated an understanding of trauma-related behaviors, enabling staff to respond empathetically and effectively. Feedback from participants has been overwhelmingly positive, underscoring the program’s effectiveness.

Training included Chefalo Consulting’s signature Trauma-Informed Masterclass and their Train the Trainer Program, which develops a capable, confident, and diverse core team to lead implementation efforts and serve as continued training support.

Nicolle Wampler, Employee Services Team Administrator at ODRC, shared her thoughts on the project, stating, "I could not be prouder of the work that our employees put into this training. Speaking about trauma can be tough and emotional, but our employees remain focused and are motivated to see positive change in our organizational culture." Wampler further emphasized the personal impact of the training, noting that it had led to profound behavioral shifts.

“Although I have received many trainings and studied trauma for years, Shen’s approach helped me to not only retain the information but actually begin to immediately shift some behavior that was not positively serving me.” – Nicolle Wampler

One of the program participants expressed appreciation for Shen, Chefalo Consulting’s founder and primary trainer, stating, "Shen brings a wealth of experience and knowledge. Her training style was impactful." Another participant commented, "I enjoyed the deep dive into the hard topics." These testimonials highlight the expertise and skill of Chefalo Consulting in delivering engaging and transformative training experiences.

Beyond the organizational impact, the collaboration between Chefalo Consulting and ODRC has also profoundly affected individual participants. Correctional employees, often perceived as tough and uncaring, could share their vulnerabilities and personal stories during the training, creating an environment of openness and introspection. This experience fostered personal growth, enabling individuals to examine their own lives and actions and embrace the need for change.

The true impact of the trauma-informed culture established by ODRC and Chefalo Consulting is yet to be fully realized. However, the groundwork has been laid for a shift in thinking and practices within the organization and on a deeply personal level for employees. By acknowledging the widespread impact of trauma and equipping staff with the necessary tools, ODRC aims to create an environment that promotes trauma healing, compassion, and resilience among staff and the incarcerated population.

Key staff, leaders, and consultant Shenandoah Chefalo continue to collaborate to implement this transformative project, developing a strong foundation that creates a trauma-informed agency culture. The project began in March 2023, and services will be reviewed for possible renewal in June 2023. After assessing organizational needs, ODRC may commit to continued consulting services to support trauma-informed organizational change.

For more information about Chefalo Consulting's trauma-informed change solutions, visit To learn about the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction's mission and initiatives, please visit

About Chefalo Consulting

Chefalo Consulting is a leading provider of trauma-informed change solutions, empowering individuals and organizations to transform trauma into resilience. With a commitment to evidence-based programs and a focus on co-creating sustainable solutions, Chefalo Consulting helps clients foster trauma-informed cultures that support healing, growth, and well-being.

About the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction

The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction is dedicated to reducing recidivism among individuals under its care and reducing crime in Ohio. ODRC aims to create positive change in the lives of incarcerated individuals and contribute to a safer society by applying its core values of take care of our staff; they will transform our offenders, one team; one purpose, civility towards all, and hope is job one.


We look forward to continuing to partner with ODRC to create trauma-informed change in their communities!


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