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How to Build Resilience: Connection to Faith and Cultural Traditions

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Last week, we talked about building resilience through positive and stable adult relationships. Today, we’ll explore how a deep connection to faith and cultural traditions can help you build resilience at home and work.

How faith and cultural traditions impact resilience

Resilient people are more likely to bounce back quickly after facing difficult changes and even full-on crises. Without resilience, we struggle to adapt to change—and that applies to individual lives as well as entire organizations.

But resilience isn’t something you either have or don’t have. Resilience is built over time through experiences. And a connection to faith and cultural traditions is one of the key ways that we can build resilience.

Building resilience through your connection to faith and tradition

Whether you relate more to a connection of spiritual practices or cultural traditions, the core idea is still the same: both consist of repeated actions or habits with deep meaning and purpose behind them.

It’s no secret that consistent habits and routines have a large impact on our overall wellbeing—bad habits can keep us stuck in toxic cycles, while healthy habits can change our lives for the better.

Both faith and culture gift us with certain meaningful habits. Whether it’s a nightly prayer, a celebratory meal to break fast, a cleansing spell, or gifting a red envelope, each action has a deeper meaning than some realize, such as hope, gratitude, renewal, or luck.

These seemingly small actions keep us connected to our faith and culture—and ultimately, they help us build resilience.

When we experience a sense that our actions have a greater meaning, we are more likely to respond positively and effectively in times of adversity.

It is also imperative to think of traditions both in the formal and informal state. While most can think about their traditions around a variety of holidays or birthdays for example, it is often the informal traditions that can anchor us even more profoundly. For example, in our household we have a Pizza Friday. Just as it sounds, pizza is served for dinner every Friday, without fail. It is a tradition that anchors our household, provides comfort, stability and keeps us connected, even when we are not together.

How to promote a deep connection to faith and culture for greater resilience

Are you interested in discovering what you can do to promote resilience through a connection to faith and cultural traditions in your organization? Well, you’re in luck.

Consider booking a free consultation with a Trauma-Informed Specialist today to discover how you can build resilience through a trauma-informed lens today.

Keep an eye out for next week’s article on using the mastery of a life skill to build resilience!


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